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The Candid Foundation is an independent non-profit institution based in Berlin, Germany.
The Foundation’s activities encompass research and analysis focusing on the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.
CANDID implements projects that foster intercultural understanding and creative approaches in international development.

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As the latest innovation of the zenith magazine family, zenithTALK is part of a modular initiative of its publisher, the non-for-profit Candid Foundation. Through this format Candid is at the forefront of a cross-sectoral and international debate about economic governance, social justice and innovation in the MENA region.
To this end, zenithTALK brings together outstanding creative talents from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Europe to develop concepts and find solutions to common challenges in development, regardless of their background.” They may be lawyers, entrepreneurs, or civil activists – as long as they represent a new and creative approach to current issues in social and economic development we deem their story worth sharing.


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